EFCOGaming Logic Box based on AMD R-Series SoCs Delivers Dazzling HD GraphicsPerformance Enabling More Compelling 3-Screen Gaming

EFCO EGL-8350 is a feature-rich, highly flexibleplatform that gives developers scalable CPU power and customizable 72-Pin JAMMApinouts definitions

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Taipei, Taiwan, May 28, 2019 - - EFCO, a world-class supplier of industrial PC, gaming and EMS solutions, today introduced its feature-rich EGL8350 series full-HD gaming logic box powered by the AMD Embedded R-Series SoC. Delivering scalable computing and breakthrough graphics capabilities, the EGL8350 also integrates AMD Embedded Radeon™ R5 or R7 graphics processing units (GPUs). This supports the CPU when decoding videos up to 4K and provides 3D graphics performance that is demanded in next-generation gaming applications. Enabling developers to design highly differentiated and engaging 3-screen gaming applications, the EFCO EGL8350 offers three full HD display channel capabilities. In addition, it readily handles the full feature set of gaming I/O, and supports popular I/O pin outs including several standard 72-pin JAMMA pinout definitions. 

The EGL8350 supports EFCO’s Gaming Software Support Package, including SecuredBoot®, RootSecu®, GPIO, NVM, and Intrusion Detection. This support package gives developers a multi-layered security mechanism and hardware intelligent assistant specifically designed to help them meet the strict security needs of the gaming industry while also streamlining the development of gaming systems. In addition, it is also beneficial to operators to help them avoid malicious intrusion. This high-performance gaming logic box also features onboard NVRAM with capacities up to 8 MB, and comes with EFCO’s new SmartBay™ storage solution, which supports the full range of CFAST, CF, 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch SATA SSDs and USB storage devices. In addition, system confidence is ensured with the EGL8350’s key-lock feature for enhanced security.

EFCO designed the EGL8350 series to meet the stringent requirements of GLI/BMM hardware-compliant platforms. This new complete, full HD gaming solution includes four external RS-232 and four USB ports that can easily connect any and all gaming peripherals and devices. There are also dual gigabyte (GB) LAN ports for high-speed Ethernet connections. 

The high-performance AMD Embedded R-Series SoC is an ideal engine for cutting-edge casino gaming platforms like the EFCO EGL-8350. Gaming developers employing the EGL-8350 are able to leverage AMD’s expertise in high-end graphics and fully utilize the R-Series’ outstanding compute performance and low power consumption. This combination enables sophisticated, next-generation applications that give casino players the stunning multi-screen visual experiences they demand today.

Ira Lo, EFCO Gaming CTO explained, "The EFCO EGL8350 offers the right combination of performance, graphics capabilities, customization options along with the full breadth of gaming I/O necessary to create distinctive and compelling applications allowing developers to take 3-screen gaming to the next level. Our advanced EGL8350 logic gaming box not only provides an excellent feature-packed and reliable gaming solution, but also delivers a uniquely ‘game developer-friendly’ platform that allows them to speed the design and installation of new systems."


The EFCO EGL8350 is available now. For more information on EFCO’s complete line of gaming logic box solutions, please visit: www.efcotec.com/gaming

To learn more about the advantages of the AMD R-Series SoCs, please visit: http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/embedded/processors/r-series