EFCO's Eagle Eyes Embedded Vision Systems Now Available in DIN Rail Series For Factory Automation Applications

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EFCO, a world-class supplier of industrial PC, Gaming and EMS solutions, announced that it has expanded the company’s rugged Eagle Eyes Embedded Vision System with a new DIN Rail series specifically designed for factory automation applications. It comes with high-end, AIHD, and middle-end, AIMD version. Both versions are built rugged, and all of them support extended temperature from -25 to 70 degree.

“This DIN rail series make our Eagle Eyes embedded vision computers easy to install, access and maintain,” stated Bryan Lin, General Manager of EFCO.  “The fanless design of these rugged IPCs make them perfect for harsh factory automation applications with their wide temperature and voltage ranges, which operate from 9 to 36V.  In addition, the Eagle Eyes-AIHD and AIMD offer a wide array of I/O support, all of which are located on the one side of the PC, adding further flexibility for the designer.” 

The Eagle Eyes Vision Systems now offers two DIN rail options particularly suited to facilitate factory automation. The AIHD version is equipped with 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ S Series & Intel® Xeon® E3 for high-end applications, while the AIMD version is equipped with 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ U Series processor for mid-range deployments.  

The Eagle Eyes-AIHD version also offers power mode configuration, DIO / serial port feature, remote on/off power switch design, power ignition control design, USB security latch reserved design, Disk RAID 0/1/5 support, triple display/display port multi-stream transport (MST) capabilities, PoE & USB remote On/Off feature, PCIe/PCI expansion card support, mini PCIe/mSATA//IOM support, and system expansion flexibility/ system reliability.  

The mid-range Eagle Eyes-AIMD version features wide voltage 9~36V DC input, RVP/OVP/UVP/OCP support, surge protection: 80V/1ms, power ignition control, easy installation, remote on/off power switch with LED, easily replaceable RTC battery holder, and 2x SIM push-push slots.

Both Eagle Eyes-AIHD and AIMD come equipped with EFCO’s Intelligent eKit with AI functions to monitor system health via DDM (Digital Display Module). 

About Eagle Eyes Embedded Vision System

Eagle Eyes Embedded Vision System is a family of fanless embedded computers that is task optimized for the extreme performance requirements of image processing such as machine vision, industrial image processing and factory automation. It’s compact size also makes it ideal for space-constrained applications.  In addition, because reliability is critical in vision systems applications, EFCO incorporates artificial intelligence into its devices through its eKit software to detect problems and trigger predictive maintenance. 

About eKit with Dynamic Digital Module

Based on proprietary AI algorithms, Eagle Eyes’ intelligent eKit is a software-based program that collects data from the device and performs dynamic, real-time monitoring of system behavior. Its Dynamic Digital Module (DDM) is a key feature of Eagle Eyes and dynamically displays system information such as CPU temperature, power consumption, RTC battery voltage, DC voltage, hardware health, and PoE status, as well as customized customer information. The eKit ensures that the system maintains stable operation at all times and provides advanced warning if proactive trouble-shooting is required. This prevents unpredictable losses due to sudden, or unexpected operating failures.

Pricing and Availability

Engineering samples are available immediately, and pricing is dependent on system configuration.