EFCO Industrial Computers Demonstrating Edge Computing Solutions by Bringing AI into Epidemic Prevention Aid System

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Partnering with AiCOMM Tech, EFCO Technology, a leading embedded solution platform provider is launching an epidemic prevention solution that has mask wearing recognition with a voice warning system. It is based on an Intel® platform that utilizes an AI deep learning model. This solution has been adopted by Taiwan’s local public health centers.


AiCOMM has created a prevention solution to the mask mandates of each government.  With our cutting-edge computing in the EFCO Eagle Eyes fanless box computers, incorrectly worn or missing facial masks will trigger the warning.  When triggered the incorrectly worn or missing mask will show on the screen with different colors indicating the violation of the local mandate. The picture(s) will also be stored on the host server and cloud for backup.  The images and data gathered with this AI solution will help aid in record keeping and preservation in case the information is needed in the future for reporting purposes.  The data obtained can also help to educate and train employees and the public on the correct way to wear a mask.


This edge computing solution is currently running on EFCO Eagle Eyes fanless box computers, which are based on 7th Gen Intel i5 processors and are equipped with 4 PoE PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) to power IP cameras and speakers.  Each PoE port can support one independent local area network to enhance the security level for each connected device. In addition, the computer itself has a built-in control panel, which makes it easy to see the information on the status of the system's operation, and engineers can check remotely when the system is in use.


For high-reliability intelligent surveillance applications requiring AI image recognition and data analysis technology, look to the EFCO Eagle Eyes industrial fanless system to support your AIoT applications.


About AiCOMM Tech

AiCOMM Tech is a Taiwan-based start-up company from 2017 October and the vision is to develop the applications for Intelligence of Communications. With integration of technology development of high-speed computing, deep learning and artificial intelligence, our business strategy will be focus on consulting service and software design for big data gather, exchanging and analysis.


About EFCO Eagle Eyes Embedded System

Eagle Eyes Embedded Vision System is a family of fanless embedded computers that is task optimized for the extreme performance requirements of image processing such as machine vision, industrial image processing and factory automation. It’s compact size also makes it ideal for space-constrained applications.  In addition, because reliability is critical in vision systems applications, EFCO incorporates artificial intelligence into its devices through its eKit software to detect problems and trigger predictive maintenance.