EFCO Enables Gaming Developers to Unleash Their Imaginations with the Announcement of its Premier Gaming Logic Box

Graphics Support for Up to 6 Displays and 8k Output

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Taipei Taiwan, January 8, 2020 - - EFCO, a world-class supplier of industrial computers, gaming and EMS solutions, today announced its most advanced gaming logic computer solution, the EGL7100.  Based on the Intel 8/9th generation of the Intel® Core™-i, Pentium® and Celeron® processor families, the EGL7100 supports up to 6 displays with 8K output. EGL7100 also supports complete gaming features including SecuBoot,TM RootSecu,TM GPIO, NVM and intrusion detection to fulfill a variety of customers’ needs. 

The EGL7100 will be demonstrated at ICE London 2020, from February 4 – 6, 2020

 in EFCO’s booth #N1-309 

EFCO Gaming Division excels at delivering secure, reliable and long-life gaming logic box solutions. Our latest product offering, the EGL7100, provides the highest level of multiprocessing and graphics performance, while also offering pre-reserved placement for rapid I/O and security mechanism customization,” stated Ira Lo, CTO for EFCO. “With support for up to 6 displays, and up to 8K of output, gaming developers can truly unleash their imaginations in designing new games and experiences for their guests. And, because EFCO’s gaming logic computers are easily upgradable, it allows our customers to quickly begin implementing the very latest technology right away.

The EGL7100 is based on the 8/9th Gen Intel® Core™-i Series, Pentium,® Celeron.® It offers standard support for up to 4x 4K displays when paired with an external, industrial-grade Nvidia graphics card, or 6x 4K with AMD graphics card.  EGL7100 easily connects with other peripherals via the 6x serial ports, 8x USB ports and 2 ethernet ports. Other features include support for PCIe high speed NVRAM with virtual boost technology to accelerate access rate.  Add-on PCIe Gen III 16x graphics card, modular I/O design with plenty of GPIO, and over 25k hours MTBF at 50 °C at 65W CPU plus 100W GPU. And lifetime supports until 2031.

Keeping Security a Priority

As with all of EFCO’s digital display engines, security is a number one priority. Advanced security protection is provided through EFCO’s Gaming Software and Firmware Support kit. This kit includes SecuBoot™ and RootSecu™ with complete mechanisms to guarantee safe boot and prevent copying of your data. 

Providing LED Lighting as a Standard Feature

LED strips should do more than display meaningless fixed patterns, and should instead be leveraged to add more content to the game. EFCO’s LED use pattern is extremely flexible and each strip can be operated independently of the game with its own select colors and patterns, allowing designers to reimagine the use and content of the LED strip.  In addition, EFCO has integrated this functionality into all of its gaming logic computers as a standard feature, at no additional cost – something that usually requires additional hardware.

EFCO’s LED strip package includes an LED strip driver, API, a GUI pattern creator, and provides support for one- and two-wire synchronized communication for 800 KHz and 25MHz LED strips. This LED strip package is compatible most LED strip specifications on the market.


The EFCO EGL7100 is available now. For more information, contact [email protected]