EFCO Announces Industry’s First Media Player with Advanced Security for Casino Gaming

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EFCO, a world-class supplier of industrial computers and gaming and EMS solutions, today announced VideoStar100, the first media player integrated with SecuBoot™ to provide the most advanced security available for digital displays. Equipped with an AMD industrial-grade Ryzen™ Embedded V1000/R1000 APU, VideoStar100 provides the performance to support three (R1000) or four independent 4k displays and can be used for applications ranging from slot machines to digital display walls, especially for those displays used to introduce the games.

“We wanted to give our customers the most secure, yet cost-effective, solution to play 4K digital display content. Because VideoStar100 is equipped with SecuBoot™, this media player is uniquely able to provide the same level of security for your content as is required on today’s casino gaming floors,” Ira Lo, CTO for EFCO commented. “We are the first company to bring this level of security to a media player, and it also provides high performance applications with support for up to four independent 4k displays.”


About SecuBoot™

Security is a priority for VideoStar100 and the integrated SecuBoot™ ensures that a trusted game environment is operating by preventing malicious applications. This prevents "unauthorized" programs or viruses from USB devices or from Internet hackers to change the operating system during the system start-up process. EFCO SecureBoot™ provides a complete algorithm to cover BIOS Lock, Device Verification, Storage Checksum, and Whisper Talk, which meets country and/ or regional regulations. By including this extra level of security, SecuBoot™ also aids in the ability to meet the requirements of GLI or BMM.

About VideoStar100

VideoStar100 is a high performance, cost-effective 4K media player for the digital signage market. Based on the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000/R1000 Series, it has integrated SecuBoot,™ to provide advanced protection for your content.  VideoStar100 supports up to 4 independent displays with an integrated AMD Radeon™ Vega Series Graphic Processor. Other features include optional SmartBay,™ which supports SATA storage and USB2.0/3.0 ; up to 4 DP ports; 2 RS232 ports, 2 RJ45 ports and supports VESA Mount.  Lifetime support until 2028 is also included. 


VideoStar100 is available now. For more information, contact [email protected]