EFCO Announces First Gaming Logic Box for AMD Quad Core Embedded G Series Processor With Twice the Performance of Alternative Industry Solutions Available Today

The EGL6087 will be demonstrated at ICE London 2019, from February 5-7, in EFCO's booth #N1-309

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Taipei, Taiwan – February 1, 2019, EFCO, a world-class supplier of industrial PC, gaming and EMS solutions, today introduced the industry’s first gaming logic box based on the 2.0 GHz Quad Core AMD Embedded G-Series GX218 LX processor. Designed for class 2 and 3 categories, the EGL6087 provides twice the performance and twice the DRAM (16 MB) as its closest competitor. Equipped with the AMD Radeon™ HD 8400E Graphics Processors, EGL6087 also offers full-HD display capabilities and allows casino gaming system integrators to support multiple high-resolution displays.


“Our newest gaming logic box is so unique to the casino gaming market,” stated Ira Lo, CTO for EFCO. “The EGL6087 is our first quad core offering on the market, and we are able to provide this new level of functionality for nearly the same cost as dual core options.  In addition, several other features make this new product an industry stand out. Namely, EFCO’s security software package that is specifically designed for the strict security needs of the gaming industry; the optimal 72-pin JAMMA I/O pinout design; the high-quality metal chassis design; and an LED light strip package, which is now a standard feature for EFCO, but normally an extra cost for gaming systems designers. SAS 6.03 is also supported. All of these features together add up to an unparalleled solution for our customers.”


The EFCO Gaming Software Support Package gives developers a patented, multi-layered security mechanism as well as a hardware intelligent assistant that is specifically designed for casinos strict security requirements.


The EGL6087 gaming logic box readily handles the full feature set of gaming I/O and supports popular I/O pin outs including several standard 72-pin JAMMA pinout definitions. The JAMMA design has the highest compatibility on the market, giving game developers and gaming system integrators the ability to seamlessly upgrade and also gives customers the ability to customize I/O to match their individual application requirements.


The metal chassis which houses the EGL6087 system is also a notable feature, compared to the more commonly used plastic housing. The metal chassis as well as a standard equipped fan aids in heat dissipation for adequate cooling of the system. 


Finally, the EGL6087 also provides support for up to 4 independent LED light strips at no extra cost. This is an added savings to designers because before today, LED features required additional hardware. Today, we integrate this LED functionality into our gaming logic box at no additional cost. EFCO’s LED use pattern is extremely flexible and each strip can be operated independently of the game with its own select colors and patterns.


“With this new gaming logic box, EFCO now has support for the entire AMD Embedded R-series and G-series families, and the quad core design will give developers the potential for twice the performance in their gaming systems versus the industry standard solution available today,” said Mitchel Furman, AMD Senior Market Development Manager. “Our Embedded G-Series processors pack the computing capability and graphics expertise in a power-efficient package to deliver the foundation for an optimal HD gaming experience for a variety of platforms.”


Other Features

Full gaming functions are included with EGL6087, such as GPIO, security, and intrusion detection. Computing, memory, and graphics are onboard with support for multiple full HD displays, PCIe high speed NVRAM, and adjustable data-width technology. Operating temperature up to 55 (131), LED strip controller, Lifetime support until 2024.


For more information on EFCO’s complete line of gaming logic box solutions, please visit: www.efcotec.com/gaming


To learn more about the advantages of the AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs, please visit: https://www.amd.com/en/products/embedded-g-series

Pricing and Availability

The EFCO EGL-6087 is available now and pricing is dependent on system configuration.