Eagle Eyes-AIMD

6th/7th Generation Intel® Core™ U Series Processor DIN Rail Fanless Box Computer


  • 6th/7th gen Intel® platform (formerly Skylake/Kaby Lake), Core™ U series processor

  • Intelligent eKit with AI function to monitor system health via DDM

  •  Wi-Fi and wireless communication: 4G, WLAN, GPS, GSM/GPRS, and Bluetooth    

  • Special Power Design:

    * Wide voltage 9~36V DC input

    RVP/OVP/UVP/OCP support

    Surge protection: 80V/1ms

    Power ignition control

  • Easy Expansion & Installation:

    * Remote on/off power switch with LED

    * Easily replaceable RTC battery holder 

    2x SIM Push-Push sockets 

    * 2x Mini PCIe interfaces

 Eagle Eyes- AIHD, high connectivity DIN rail solution

Designed for fulfilling most of automation applications, Eagle Eyes- AIHD is featuring with flat heat sink, front side I/O access which is easy for installation and cable management. Special Fan module design provide supreme heat dissipation and reliability. Rich I/O ports include 6x COM ports, 6x USB3.0, 6x GbE (2xGbE+ 4xPoE+ is optional) and 32 GPIO (optional isolated 16bit DI/ 16bit DO), facilitating its connectivity in a variety of automation applications.

Impressive flexibility in function expansion

With 4 slots expansion box (model number: Eagle Eyes- AIHD-P4E) in this series bring more flexibility to the Eagle Eyes-AIHD. Equipped with 3 x full length mSATA (max with Mini-PCIe) make Eagle Eyes-AIHD more flexible in storage and add-on functions.  There is also benefits by mounting the AIHD on DIN-rail to connect to other DIN-rail devices to build up automation solutions.

Besides the default Intel® 6th/7th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 or Pentium® / Celeron® desktop processor, Eagle Eyes-AIHD also supports Xeon® E3-1268L v5 and ECC memory module to perform the server grade functionality. RAID 0/1/5 function is also enabled by installing 3 x2.5” HDD/SSD inside the system. Optional TPM function helps system to maintain the data security.

Ekit makes Eagle Eyes series different

Inherit of the Eagle Eyes series AI function design, Eagles Eyes-AIH provides the Ekit for user to predict the system failure and monitor the system’s health. There is also DDM (Dynamic Display Module) mounted on the front bezel to display the needed system information without connecting to external monitor. Eagle Eyes-AIHD’s capability is more than just a indistinguishable box computer.





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