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Pico ITX board based on 3rd Generation Intel® Atom™ Processor


  • Compact and complete for small Industry 4.0
  • 3rd Generation Intel® Atom™ / Celeron® Processor
  • Low Power 5 to 10 Watt TDP
  • Enhanced Intel HD Graphics Generation 7


The conga-PA3 design with a footprint of 70x102mm makes the SBC highly versatile. Real-time
capability and support for multiple operating systems allow use in demanding industrial applications
such as mechanical engineering or automation and control systems. The Intel® Atom™ E3800 processors
are also suitable for use in the extended industrial temperature range.  Typical applications include control
of large machines with decentralized, distributed intelligence, robotics, all types of intelligent measurement
and analysis devices, and high-performance IoT computers with low power consumption.


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