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3 x FHD + Max. 6 x 4K Displays High Performance Gaming Logic Box


  • Scalable Computing Power 
  • Slimline Enclosure 
  • SmartBay® Supports CFAST, CF, 2.5"/1.8" SSD,
    SATA DOM and USB devices with key lock option 
  • High Speed PCIe NVM access
  • Customizable Security Mechanisms
  • GPIO/NVM/SPI/I2C via PCIe bus


 Intel® Core™ I Series, Pentium®, Celeron®
 Integrated GPU HD530 + External graphic card
 2 x DDR4 SO-DIMM, up to 32GB 
 2 x SATA with Pin 7 VCC + SmartBay®
 Modular I/O design
 Long lifetime support to 2030



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