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Dual Display Gaming Logic Box


  • Cost-effective All-in-One Gaming Platform
  • 2 x Independent displays
  • Scalable computing power
  • PCI Express® gaming peripheral controller and NVM
  • SmartBay® Supports CFAST, CF, 2.5"/ 1.8" SSD, SATA DOM and USB devices with key-lock option
  • Software supports Embedded Windows and Linux


Dual FullHD Gaming Logic Box​

EFCO EGL-6080 is designed for most popular dual screen gaming market which utilizes AMD G Series SOC from Dual Core 1.8GHz up to Quad Core 2.0 GHz. The capacity of on board memory can be expanded to maximum 16GB. It supports full feature set of Gaming I/O in the market with a design of exchangeable I/O interface from popular I/O pin out in the market to JAMMA 72 Pin Golden Finger, and Customize I/O also welcome under request. With on Board AMD GPU HD8000 series it produces attractive graphic performance with Dual full-HD display channels. EGL-6080 is designed for GLI/BMM ready with on board NVR from 3MB up to 16MB. The EGL-6080 comes with a Smart Bay® which supports CFAST, CF, 2.5”/1.8” SSD, SATA DOM and USB devices with key-lock option. External 4 RS-232 and 4 USB ports are ready for connecting to all gaming peripherals and devices. Dual Gigabyte LAN ports also comes along for high-speed Ethernet connection.



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